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We exist to represent those who have made the conscious choice to become who they are today. 


Many of us have spent years in darkness, living in weakness and insecurity. 


Through conscious thought and action we have grown into something greater. 


Time spent with the iron has created strength where once was only weakness. 


Facing our fears has built bravery where once was cowardice.


Hard work has built confidence where once was insecurity. 


We have changed the way we look


We have changed the way we feel


We have changed the way the world sees us and the way that we see the world. 


We have chosen to become strong


We have chosen to become brave


We have chosen to become confident.


All the things that make us who we are today were not given to us. 


We didn’t take the easy way. 


We didn’t ask for a handout. 


Who we are today is what we have earned.


We were NOT born this way.